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  • amaryllis-crown-white-aaa-flower-store-nyc



    The Amaryllis is the epitome of the splendid beauty of flowers. White Amaryllis is an exotic slower delicate and peaceful despite its large size.  The single edition container by itself is an unique gift.

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  • birds-of-paradise-chinaberries-limes-aaa-flower-store-nyc



    If you’re looking for a touch of the tropics, this birds of paradise arrangement will heat up any home or office. The Birds of paradise, along with green berries, limes and green leaves arrive in a simple wok-style bowl and will take you far away …

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  • butterfly-aaa-flower-store-nyc



    The beauty of these 18 Roses is accentuated by soft pink Wax flower. Heather flawlessly complements this charming bouquet. Peach Roses speak of appreciation and gratitude.
    The Flowers arrive in a clear glass vase.

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  • colors-of-nature-cala-lilies-gloriosa-aaa-flower-store-nyc



    Mother Nature tends to show off in tropical summer splash, putting on an unforgettable display of color and light. These fresh flowers will remind them of the season’s spectacular magic.
    A frosted glass cube vase holds tropical’s bounty: Mango Calla Lilies, Gloriosas, Vanda Orchids.

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  • floral-garden-lilies-spider-button-aaa-flower-store-nyc



    Colorful mixture of green, yellow, orange and white flowers combined with a lot of greenery bring to the wild garden look of the arrangement. The butterfly is complementing the fresh, splashed with dew flowers. This arrangement is perfect gift either for your friends’ holidays or to cheer them up.

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  • heavenly-hues-bouquet-hydrangea-calla-lilies-gerberas-roses-lilies-aaa-flower-store-nyc



    The enchanting arrangement includes light blue hydrangea, light yellow roses, white spray Roses, light green carnations and large Monte Casino asters accented with an aray of assorted foliages.
    Delivered in a stylish ceramic cylinder vase with a light blue satin finish.

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